What is a Dissolution?

Ohio law allows spouses to end their marriage by agreement in a dissolution. To obtain a dissolution, the spouses must agree on all property division, child support and parenting, and spousal support in a written document called a separation agreement. The separation agreement spells out exactly how the assets and debts are divided, along with how parenting and support issues are to be handled. The agreement must be signed by both spouses.

A dissolution requires one hearing in Court, where the Judge or Magistrate reviews the details of each agreement with the parties and their attorneys, if they are represented. Both spouses must be present at the hearing. Dissolutions must be heard no sooner than 31 days and no later than 90 days after filing. Ohio law requires a separation agreement to be fair and equitable to both sides.

Forms for dissolutions can be found on the Forms & Filings page. Additional Uniform Ohio Supreme Court forms are available under Important Resources.