What is a Divorce?

Under Ohio law, a party can file a divorce when one spouse wants to end the marriage and the other spouse does not. A party can also file for divorce when the spouses disagree over property division, child support and parenting, spousal support, or other matters. Spouses may also disagree on what basis or grounds a marriage is to be terminated.

The Court then sets preliminary hearings in the divorce where the parties can attempt to resolve their differences. If the parties cannot do so, the Court will set the case for trial on the issues the parties still disagree on.

Divorces can be simple, difficult, or extremely complicated. How a divorce moves through the Court depends primarily on each spouse and their attorney, if represented. A divorce can become very expensive and time-consuming if the spouses refuse to compromise.

Documents pertaining to divorce can be found on the Forms & Filings page. Additional Uniform Ohio Supreme Court forms are available under Important Resources.