Lake County Domestic Relations Court Staff

Note: No email addresses are given because the Judge and Magistrates assigned a case can only receive evidence in the Courtroom and read properly filed documents in the case record itself. Anything else is prohibited by the Code of Judicial Conduct, Canon 2, Rule 2.9 of the Supreme Court of Ohio. Staff cannot be emailed either, lest improper information outside of Court is passed on to the hearing officer.

The Court is always accessible by telephone. Please call (440) 350-2708 to be transferred to the appropriate staff member.

Judge Falkowski’s Bailiff

  • Nancy Assel

Administrative Assistant

  • Jenni Craft

Law Clerk

  • Catherine Purdum

Director of Court Services

  • Susan Lauer

Atticus’s Handler/Mediation Scheduler

  • Colleen Burke

Support Staff

  • Maria Colon
  • Jeannette Cox
  • Lori Gilmer
  • Megan McKenzie
  • Beth Rice
  • Tracy Ruckel